Animal trapping is an emotive subject. All trappers, be they pest controllers, gamekeepers or estate managers, must ensure their operations are carried out in strict accordance with current legal spring traps guidelines. Today's society has little room for gratuitous, avoidable cruelty, especially where wildlife is concerned.

BMI Bodygrip traps

BMI 'Bodygrip' MAGNUM traps are the end result of many years continuous development. Lightweight and compact, a box containing twelve #110 size traps measures only 18Omm x 18Omm x 23Omm and weighs a mere 10lbs. The design suits a wide variety of pest control situations. It is widely accepted in the USA that the MAGNUM series are the fastest humane killing production 'Bodygrip' traps. The word "Magnum" in this context relates to the shape of the killing bars which incorporate a magnum bend.

BMI Bodygrip traps feature a four way trigger which fires the trap when an animal pushes the trigger from any direction, including the side. The shape of the flexible trigger wires can be simply changed, altering the strike area to suit individual circumstances. The more experienced in their use you become the more you will see their potential.

Ministry approval for use in the UK was granted in September 1995. The #55 is approved for mice and rats; the #110 for mice, rat, weasel, stoat and grey squirrel and the #116 for these plus rabbit and mink.

All spring traps in the UK must be set within natural or artificial tunnels, properly positioned and shielded against non-target species. We think spring traps should be checked twice a day for maximum effectiveness. The side spring system of the 'Bodygrip' trap means you can see if it has fired without approaching too close and possibly disturbing the 'set'.

We offer 3 different models of the bodygrip trap.

BMI 55 Bodygrip trap

BMI 110 Bodygrip trap

BMI 116 Bodygrip trap

To compliment BMI Bodygrip traps, we also offer a bespoke tunnel/cubby designed to stablise the bodygrip traps.

Magnum Bodygrip tunnel

View Setting Instructions for the BMI Magnum Bodygrip Trap

Also available is' BODYGRIP BASICS' a DVD we produced especially to show the use of BMI bodygrip traps in the UK. It contains about 40 minutes of essential, invaluable expert advice on how to set and be successful with the bodygrip spring traps in both natural and artificial tunnels. It shows proven legal sets and actual catches of squirrel, mink, rabbit and stoat. Available from us at £14.95 each, including post and packing and VAT.

Killer Clips and MB Coni-Brackets

BMI Bodygrip traps

To get the best from bodygrip type traps it is important they are stabilised to ensure their power does not dissipate when they fire. This is the function of the two holding clips in the roof of Magnum Bodygrip cubby/tunnels. Stabilising the trap also holds it rigid making it easier to fire and more difficult for a target to push the trap out of its way or into a position that could cause a foul-catch. We now offer two clips that make stabilising bodygrips easy in sometimes difficult places.

Killer clips

MB Coni-brackets