Note: care must taken when setting spring traps.

Light-weight, compact, BMI BODYGRIP TRAPS are designed for use in a wide variety of predator control, pest control and wildlife management applications.
The BMI Bodygrip MAGNUM SERIES trap is widely considered the fastest, humane killing production bodygrip trap on the market today. They are ideal for trapping Squirrels, Mink, Stoats, Rabbits and Rats.

These traps are widely used by wildlife managers and trappers throughout the United States and the UK. Their experience proves these traps work equally well on the ground, suspended, submerged in water, under ice, or when covered with light snow. However, they should not be used where they might take non-target animals.

Refinements in the BMI Bodygrip MAGNUM SERIES have made these traps even more effective to use.
Every BMI BODYGRIP TRAP has a 4-way trigger that fires the trap when an animal pushes the trigger from any direction including the side and has a trigger wire which can be shaped to control the strike area.


  1. This is what your BMI Bodygrip Magnum #116 will look like when it's taken from the box once you’ve untangled it's chain and trigger from the others in the box. Before using it you will of course de-grease and weather it to get rid of any smell of oil, grease or human. The setting procedure is the same for #55, #110 and #116 versions.

    setting instructions for the BMI Bodygrip
  2. Extend the spring so it is pointed directly away from the trap and adjust the trigger wires to the profile you wish to use. This will be a profile appropriate to the intended target. Then using your right hand, with palm uppermost, grip the spring with the trap frame to your left and the trigger and dog on the uppermost frame.

    setting instructions for the BMI Bodygrip step 2
  3. With the trap held flat and horizontal, grip the trap frame with your left hand gripping the jaw closest to you with your thumb and the one furthest away with your fingers.

    setting instructions for the BMI Bodygrip step 3
  4. Then compress the spring with your right hand, and as you compress simultaneously pull the trap frames together with your right hand.

    setting instructions for the BMI Bodygrip step 4
  5. With the trap frames gripped in your left hand let go of the spring with your right and engage the safety clip over both spring arms at the trap end of the spring and slide it back towards the spring loop. If the trap does then inadvertently fire the closing impact will be substantially reduced. Position the trigger and dog at the desired position along the frame ( this will be in the centre if you are using a Magnum Cubby/Tunnel ).

    setting instructions for the BMI Bodygrip step 5
  6. Set the preferred notch of the dog into the centre of the trigger.

    setting instructions for the BMI Bodygrip step 6
  7. Be sure the trigger is secure within the notch of the dog. Then grip the compressed spring and release the frames slowly. The trap is now set. Disengage the safety only when the trap is in position.

    setting instructions for the BMI Bodygrip step 7