Fenn Scissor mole trap

Fenn scissor mole traps are quite small for a mole trap which makes them ideal for shallow surface type mole runs. They are also quite lightweight making them easier to carry.

Fenn Scissor Mole Trap
Fenn mole trap
10 - 30 traps (per 10 traps) including postage.
40 traps or more, per 10 traps @ £49.55 including post and packing
The Fenn Mole Trap, a well-proven trap has been in use for years and are the choice of many professional mole catchers. They are supplied in bare metal un-plated form, although springs are made from galvanized material. They are compact traps, easily carried in quantity, with each trap weighing approximately 8oz and standing about 150mm (6") high.

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