Magnum Trap Co Ltd is the sole UK concessionaire for BMI Bodygrip #55, #110, #116 traps, KANIA2000 and KANIA2500 traps, WCS Tube Trap and WCS Collarum spring loaded Fox trap.

Magnum Trap Co Ltd also stock Fenn, Genuine Talpex and NoMol mole traps. Our traps are sold through various distributors, but in cases of difficulty please contact us direct.

  • The BMI Bodygrip Trap

    BMI Bodygrip Magnum squirrel trap
  • KANIA2000 Squirrel Trap

    KANIA2000 humane powerful grey squirrel trap
  • Genuine Talpex Trap

    Talpa mole trap exlusive to Magnum Trap Co
  • WCS Tube Trap

    WCS Tube Trap - a self contained Grey Squirrel Trap
  • WCS Collarum

    WCS Collarum - spring loaded Fox Trap

We sell a variety of traps including, BMI Bodygrip traps (ideal for rabbit, mink, grey squirrel, stoat and rat), the KANIA2000 trap (probably the most humane mink and grey squirrel trap). We also stock The WCS Tube Trap and the The WCS Collarum. Our range of mole traps include: Fenn mole trap, Genuine Talpex mole trap and the NoMol mole trap.

We supply a range of Cubby/Tunnels for use with our unique range of traps and also trap and snare dyes

Use the menu to navigate to our main pages (or you can visit our sitemap) and you will be taken to details and prices for the items you require and, in places, a guide to their successful use.

If you have any queries regarding the products we sell, or their correct use, please contact us. We have many years experience in the practical use of what we sell but still do not know all the answers, who does? But we will always try to help or find someone else who can.
If there are any products you would like us to stock let us know, we do listen to our customers.

We do not currently stock longnet products but on site we still have instructions on how to set up a quick set longnet

Dear Customer,
Our online shop is currently closed. Please contact an alternative supplier to make a purchase.
You can find our trade partners via a Google search for the specific trap you require.
Thank you.
Magnum Trap Company Limited