Using the Magnum KANIA2000 entrance protection tunnel

The ‘Magnum’ KANIA2000 entrance protection tunnel is designed to enable quick, efficient and UK legal entrance protection for the KANIA2000 trap and has a side entrance which will discourage non-targets whilst allowing the target full entry.

For ease of storage and carriage the units are stackable and of brown plastic coated steel mesh or sheet steel construction, which makes them strong but lightweight and easily camouflaged with a variety of materials if required.

There is a small loop in the base wire/sheet at the end and on both sides of the tunnel for screwing to a tree or pegging down when the trap is used on the ground. Old meat skewers or lightweight tent pegs are ideal for pegging down. Pegging down prevents the entrance protection tunnel being knocked over, exposing the set trap. When used on the ground you must secure the trap to prevent caught targets, in particular grey squirrel being taken away (complete with trap) by fox, dog or badger.

Instructions for use on the ground

  1. Place the KANIA2000 on the ground in the required position and securely peg it down using the two hanging loops. Scuff the 'cubby'/tunnel into the ground surface immediately in front of the trap entrance so that it does not rock and peg it down through the three loops.
  2. Fixing the Kania tunnel 2
  3. Set the trap in the usual way
  4. Camouflage the trap and tunnel using locally available materials.
  5. Check the trap at time intervals in accordance with current legislation.

Instructions for use in a tree or on a fence etc.

Kania entrance protection tunnel
  1. Set the KANIA2000 in it's intended position in the usual way and as described in the setting instructions.
  2. Hold the 'Magnum' KANIA2000 entrance protection tunnel in position below the trap with it's open end against the trap entrance.
  3. Using standard wood screws through the loops in the tunnel base/wire fix the tunnel securely into position. This can be done using a hand screwdriver or small portable electric one. Phillips type screws can be easier to use. The length of screws required will depend on the curvature of the tree.
  4. Fixing the Kania tunnel
  5. Check the trap at time intervals in accordance with current legislation.