Fenn Mole Traps, Genuine Talpex Mole Trap & The NoMol

Genuine Fenn mole trap, Genuine Talpex mole trap and the NoMol mole trap.

We currently stock three distinct types of mole trap. this picture enables you to see them side by side and compare them for size. On the left is the Talpa ( Note: we now only stock the genuine Talpex ), in the centre is the NoMol and on the right the Fenn. Weight wise a Fenn weighs in at 0.2kg and a box of four NoMol’s at 0.35kg.

There are numerous types of mole traps on the UK market at present.
Some are very efficient, some are not. It would be true to say that much depends on the knowledge and experience of the person using them.

Surprisingly few people have seen a mole 'in the flesh' so to speak, despite it being a common mammal in the UK. The mole is found in all sorts of environments but usually only brings itself to attention when it strays onto agricultural land, into a garden, or worst of all into a lawn.

The mole is superbly adapted for its life below ground and has few predators other than the Tawny Owl and Badger, which will take young moles moving on top of the ground in late summer and early autumn. In fact the moles we catch get put into our freezer and passed to a local falconer who feeds them to his hawks and owls and they make very short work of them. Amber, their very substantial European eagle owl, has a particular liking for a fresh mole.

Be warned though, mole trapping can get to be addictive... and sometimes very frustrating at the same time.

There are so many different types of mole trap it would make an interesting item to collect and there are sure to be one or two people out there who do just that.

Why is there such a variety of mole traps?

Well it may be the case that because a lot of people are so singularly unsuccessful at mole-catching they have convinced themselves the perfect mole-trap is yet to be invented – so they invent another one.

Unfortunately the problem usually lies more with their expertise, or rather lack of it, than in any fault of the trap they are using.

At present we keep the Fenn, Genuine Talpex and NoMol types of mole trap and a good professional 'mole-man' could successfully earn a living with any of them.

We now offer three types.

The 'genuine' Fenn scissor type mole trap.

Genuine Fenn scissor mole trap

Fenn Scissor Mole Traps

‘Talpa’ mole traps

For the last couple of years our stock of mole traps has included a 'Talpex type' we named the Talpa trap. This essentially was a copy of the Talpex trap but with extended setting loops, which combined with slightly less power, made it easier to set. The trap proved very effective and was well received.

When we received our last consignment we were unhappy with its variable quality and power. When we discovered this we try-set every trap in the consignment and checked it's quality... and eventually rejected and scrapped in excess of thirty percent of the delivery. Magnum Trap Co Ltd has a policy of unconditionally guaranteeing all the products it sells and expects it's suppliers to do the same. The manufacturers of the Talpa trap would not replace the faulty ones or refund the costs, in fact they would not even reply to our emails.

We came to the decision that we would no longer stock their products.

So we looked for a suitable alternative to the Talpa and eventually decided the only thing to do was stock the original...

Genuine Talpex mole trap

Talpex mole trap

And now we have our first consignment in we think it was without doubt the right thing to do. Their quality, finish and power consistency is second to none. It's a product we are more than happy to give our unconditional guarantee to.

These traps are precision made and stack easily in your bucket or bag, a box of ten measures 225mm x 125mm x 155mm and weighs 2.kg.

Why not purchase a box of ten and give them a proper trial, we don’t think you'll be disappointed.

Genuine Talpex mole trap

Genuine Talpex Mole Traps

The NoMol

NoMol mole trap

Our latest mole trap offering comes from the USA, although it originated – like so many things from the USA – in Europe; probably back in the late 1800's. Then they would have been forged from copper but the latest production runs are in more up-to-date tempered steel with a rust resistant finish. The manufacturer claims it to be the most effective and economical mole trap on the market. We don’t know about that, but certainly tests here have proved them very effective, especially in those difficult to access runs below slabs, edgings etc. The NoMol comes packed in a box of four traps, four wooden stakes and very clear directions for setting and achieving success.

A few NoMol's in your armoury will definitely increase your success rate in garden areas. They weigh so little you won't even feel them in the bucket !

The NoMol is set totally below ground level making them unobtrusive Once set you can even backfill the hole if necessary, making them trip and lawn mower damage free.

View Setting Instructions for the NoMol

NoMol Mole Traps

What do you do with your moles ?

When you are a professional ‘molecatcher’ this is a commonly asked question. Many customers dislike having to kill moles and it can help them to accept the only viable solution to their mole problem is to, put bluntly, kill them if they at least know their moles are put to good use.

Ours, so long as they’re fresh, go into the freezer and end up donated to our local falconry school, where they are relished by Amber the European Eagle Owl.
Owls are one of the few natural mole predators and judging by the way Amber puts them away they must really taste good to them.

What better way to dispose of a ‘waste’ product.

Natural waste disposal

All our mole traps are supplied with a thin, protective, oil based coating to protect them against rusting during storage and handling.
All traps will require de-greasing and weathering before use and come with a basic set of instructions for their use.